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Sailing in Greece is actually a pretty good way to visit many places and islands in a small amount of time. In order to do that we recommend some islands in which the weather is good and the distances between them are short.

Past Adventures
Here are some photos of places we have visited in the past. we will always update this album as our adventures grow.

The Saronic Gulf
The Saronic Islands or Argo-Saronic Islands is an archipelago in Greece, named after the Saronic Gulf in which they are located, just off the Greek mainland The main inhabited islands of this group are SalamisAeginaAgistri, and Poros. The islands of Hydra and Dokos, which lie off the northeast tip of the Peloponnese(technically between the Saronic Gulf and the Argolic Gulf), are sometimes included as part of the Saronic Islands.

The Cyclades

The Cyclades comprise about 220 islands, the major ones being AmorgosAnafiAndrosAntiparosDelosIosKeaKimolosKythnosMilosMykonosNaxosParosFolegandrosSerifosSifnosSikinosSyrosTinos, and Thira or Santoríni. There are also many minor islands including DonousaEschatiGyarosIrakleiaKoufonisiaMakronisosRineia, and Schoinousa. The name "Cyclades" refers to the islands forming a circle ("circular islands") around the sacred island of Delos. Most of the smaller islands are uninhabited.

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