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The Argosaronic Gulf and Cyclades


  When we get asked about the best destinations we can offer, we always propose the Argosaronic gulf and the Cyclades. Both of these destinations have beautiful islands, extraordinary beaches and generally nice weather and calm sea. The villages and the small cities on the different islands and the cultures of each island seperatelly are definetelly something worthwile. 

  However maybe the most important point in which we recommend these places are the small distances between the islands. This will let you manage better your time and watch as many islands as your vacation time allows it.





Some photos of the Islands you can visit 

Benetau Cyclades 43.4


Travel around beautiful Greek islands and experience the relaxation you deserve on your holidays in the Benetau Cyclades 43.4, build in 2007. Estera has perfect sailing capabilities so it will be comfortable and steady even in rough waters.




Some photos of Estera

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